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DEAF CLUB share electrifying new video for 'Someday All Men Will Die'

Rip-roaring hardcore punk through the eyes of Mike Manasewitsch.

deaf club
Photograph by Becky DiGiglio Photography


2019's Contemporary Sickness EP served as only a glimpse of Deaf Club, who know no bounds to extremity through a coalition of sound so relentless and uncompromisingly punishing. Their debut full-length, Productive Disruption, is on track for a January 6, 2022 release via Three One G Records but until then, listeners keen on their well layered hardcore punk have had two offerings to dive into, For A Good Time, Call Someone Else and Someday All Men Will Die, the latter of which comes visualized by Mike Manasewitsch today with James Pearson and co. finding themselves in a room chock full of dizzying television screens, representative of the turbulent nature of this 1-minute ripper of a track. It's a brief yet tantalizing experience that is as they say, all killer no filler.

Stream Someday All Men Will Die below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


Cover Art by Sonny Kay


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