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Deafheaven: A Discography Spanning Rollercoaster at the Lodge Room

Night 2 of back to back shows offered plenty offered much in the realm of communal joy.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Text, Photographs by Diana Lungu (@rreedduuxx) at

the Lodge Room on January 17th, 2023:

The boundless songcraft of Deafheaven has treaded many sonic arenas, which is quite representative of the musical ambitions that exist within the band's ranks. Their latest album, Infinite Granite (2021), marked the most distinct departure from the post-black metal arena they developed an acclaim with, and it did so to great effect, earning Deafheaven an array of new listeners, widespread editorial coverage, and live show slots across the world. It's a testament to their respected work ethic, a work ethic that was on full display as the band hit the Lodge Room in Highland Park for two sold-out, back to back nights. We were among the lucky present for Night 2.

From the blood-curling opener of Black Brick to the ethereal bliss of Great Mass of Color, Deafheaven crafted a showcase of the band's creative depth that spanned Sunbather (2013) to Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (2018) and New Bermuda (2015). No matter where you fell on the Deafheaven timeline, the setlist aimed to please.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Frontman George Clarke remained as commanding as ever, demonstrating vocal range and electrifying stage presence as Sunbather, In Blur, and Canary Yellow raged on. Glistening guitar passages radiated throughout the Lodge Room as staples from the aforementioned Infinite Granite shined bright, all while Kerry McCoy, Shiv Mehra, Daniel Tracy, and Chris Johnson held their own as one cohesive musical body.

Photograph by Diana Lungu

Capturing the performance amongst a shuffling crowd eager to sing along with Clarke was a thrill in and of itself. As the band continue their upwards trajectory, treading all corners of the globe, it's local shows such as this that speak volumes of the Deafheaven's honest commitment to their craft, and the fans who put them there.

Enjoy a photo gallery of the performance below.


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