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DEATH BELLS to release 'New Signs of Life'

Luscious post-punk that pushes creative boundaries to new extremes.

Photograph by Jamie Parkhurst

To celebrate their newfound partnership with Dais Records, LA-based duo DEATH BELLS have come forth to present their radiant sophomore full-length New Signs of Life. The new outing arrives on September 25th and stands as a graceful embodiment of resilience. From glistening guitars to pristine cinematography, the title track paves the way for the elegance that awaits us all on New Signs of Life.

DEATH BELLS comment on the single:

"We started writing 'New Signs of Life' in Calgary whilst on tour around this time last year. More than anything, the song is about resilience in the face of change. It's a very deliberate statement and sets the tone for what's to come musically from us."

Stream New Signs of Life below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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