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Decibel Metal & Beer Los Angeles 2021: Boiled Over Lager (Gatecreeper & Wake Brewing)

A smooth brew made straight and to the point without room for gimmicks.

Gatecreeper's rise through the death metal underground is one shaped by an ethos of integrity, discipline, and commendable work ethic. They don't inject external elements for the sake of sounding innovative or market themselves as a pioneering act. What they do, they do well and their collaborative beer, Boiled Over Lager, with Wake Brewing is representative of said persona. It will be pouring at Decibel Magazine's annual Metal & Beer Festival in Los Angeles next weekend as Gatecreeper rip through a set of fan favorites. With a 4.5% ABV and an accessible taste, the beer will prove to be a fan favorite during the festivities, and rightfully so given the name it takes from the Deserted (2019) album standout.

'Boiled Over Lager' (2021)

Jason Parris, Co-Owner of Wake Brewing, comments:

“The Gatecreeper and Wake collaboration Boiled Over has been really great, the dudes in Gatecreeper were very specific on style of beer. They wanted something light, easy drinking with no fruit bullshit it in. So we decided on a Light Lager, at only 4.5% you could spend your whole time at the Metal & Beer Fest crushing these in the pit.”

Gatecreeper frontman Chase Mason adds:

“We are excited to collaborate with Wake Brewing to unleash our Boiled Over Lager at the fest. They listened to our suggestions on what we wanted and didn’t want for the beer and we put together some really cool packaging for it. I think it’s going to look great AND taste great!”


Decibel's Metal & Beer Fest takes place this December 10 & 11 at The Belasco in Los Angeles. Tickets, daily lineups, and more information can be found HERE. See you there!


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