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DEIPHAGO announce new album 'I, The Devil,' stream new track

Along with a European Tour.

Hells Headbangers has another 'headbanger' on the way with DEIPHAGO's fifth full-length I, The Devil set to arrive on April 30th, 2019. The follow-up to 2015's Into the Eye of Satan finds the Filipino unit working with the renowned Kurt Ballou on production, Brad Boatright on mastering, and the legendary Joe Petagno on cover art. With a team like this, you best believe this is a release worthy of incoming praise.

30 years into their expansive career, DEIPHAGO have reached new levels of extremity and torment throughout the lapse of five-full lengths. I, Devil will arguably be their strongest display of blackened death metal madness, and rightfully so after one look at the team behind it all. Check the two singles released so far and you'll see why this is one you'll want to keep an eye out for.

Founding vocalist/bassist V.666 comments:

This album is a celebration of our 30 years of existence, a cultivation of all our experiences since the band started in 1989. We have worked hard on this album, and it is the best music we have ever released, filled with dark moods and reeking of destruction. We present to you the essence of pure black metal as it was meant to be like in the early '90s, when bands didn't sound the same. This is our magnum opus that will be revered right next to the groundbreaking black metal albums of the early '90s.

This will surpass everything not just in the bestial black/death genre, but the whole black metal scene as a whole. This album stands on its own as diverse and unconventional, filled with monstrous dissonances and intolerable cacophony. It is perfecting the uncontrolled chaos. Kurt Ballou has done a great job as producer, engineer, and mixer, capturing our evil intensity. Normal people will not understand the music, as we have put such a high standard over all the typical trends of today. Beware the release of I, The Devil.

Tracklisting for I, The Devil: 1. Intro: Decimation 2. Quantum Death 3. Neuro-Satanic Circuit 4. 11:4:6 5. Deus Alienus 6. Chaos Protocols 7. Anti-Cosmic Trigger 8. I, The Devil

Stream the new track 11:4:6 below and pre-order your copy of this Joe Petagno fronted effort via Bandcamp, where you can also stream the previously released track Deus Alienus (God of the Other Side).

In addition to the new track and album announcement, DEIPHAGO have shared a list of European Tour dates as the unit set forth to terrorize the land with tracks from I, Devil. You can find dates below:

30th Anniversary European Tour: 17/05/2019    STEELFEST, Finland     20/05/2019    Gineve, Switzerland 21/05/2019    Paris, France 24/05/2019    Mlada Boleslav 25/05/2019    Gliwice, Poland     29/05/2019    Berlin, Germany 30/05/2019    Hamburg, Germany 31/05/2019    Oberhausen, Germany 01/06/2019    Deinze, Belgium 05/06/2019    Lyon, France 06/06/2019    Firenze, Italy 07/06/2019    Parma, Italy 08/06/2019   THRONE FEST, Belgium

Cover art by Joe Petagno


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