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DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT announce new album 'Noktvrn' + share lead single

The avant-garde black metallists return with all-encompassing terror.

Photograph by Mario Schmitt


Beneath Max Löffler's soothing purple gradient lies a full-length of harrowing wonder, one that marks the next chapter in Der Weg einer Freiheit's remarkable discography. Titled Noktvrn, it arrives on November 19th via Season of Mist and further cements the German band as a prominent force in the flooded black metal ranks. Existing as an act of liberation through art, Der Weg abide by no confines and their compositional curiosities allow for their efforts to breathe with each passing listen, as evident on newly arrived single Morgen. Morgen, which comes directed by Guilherme Henriques as the band's first ever music video, is resounding in every sense of the word. Piercing screams, cataclysmic drumming, and towering bass tone wash over the listener as Henriques details the horrors of the mind through his visual prowess.

The band comments on the new single:

"'Morgen' is the track we chose for premiering the first sonic and visual piece of our new album, 'Noktvrn.' Being the first actual DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT music video ever, it perfectly supports the suppressing atmosphere the song transports, picturing the world in between reality and dreams, day and night, anxiety and hope, having control and losing grip. It's a big pleasure and relief for us to finally reveal the first new song after more than four years since the release of 'Finisterre' and lets us smilingly look back on the whole creation process of 'Noktvrn' that soon is ready to see the light of day."

Stream Morgen below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


der weg einer freiheit
Cover Art by Max Löffler


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