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DESTROYER announces new album 'Labyrinthitis' + shares lead single

Dan Bejar's craft remains as mesmerizing and eclectic as you'd expect.

Photograph by Nicolas Bragg

Destroyer is a maelstrom of sound. Instead of presenting complexity for the sake of being complex and yielding nothing but disoriented confusion, the Dan Bejar led project is nothing short of intriguing for the frontman's wordplay coalesces well with the sonic worlds introduced by the very hymns that comprise his full-length efforts. Elements flow effortlessly and come March 25th, Merge Records will welcome a new chapter in the Destroyer discography, Labyrinthitis.

Beautifully adorned by a watercolor painting courtesy of Sydney Hermant, Labyrinthitis is a journey not easily walked. Like any Destroyer record, it's far from an easy listen, but it's a rewarding one full of allusions, genre transitions, expansive influence, and more than anything, soul. Lead single Tintoretto, It's for You arrived alongside the album announcement to ease listeners in with musical wizardry. Bejar's sinister voice pairs well with the vibrant synth layers above the pulsing bass lines, the likes of which come visualized by Bejar and video director David Galloway.

Bejar comments on the video's creation:

“I had an idea of writing a couple lines on the idea of ‘mystery’ and ‘goin nowhere,’ as they are two of my favorite themes. That and the Grim Reaper and being pursued by some silent, unnamable thing that constantly lurks one foot to the left of you. Especially as the world's decay becomes increasingly less abstract. Also wanted to write on the romance of terror. The song ‘Tintoretto, It's for You’ speaks to all these things, oddly enough so does the video…”

Video director David Galloway adds:

“It hopefully presents some loose giallo vibes despite the fact that it clearly isn't a giallo at all. Nobody dies, nothing is explored at length, and it’s ultimately a collection of neighbourhood red herrings. All leads that go nowhere. But that’s the mystery. That’s the mystery about music videos.”

Experience Tintoretto, It's for You below and pre-order the record HERE.

destroyer Sydney Hermant
Cover Artwork by Sydney Hermant


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