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DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA announce new album 'Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole' + share lead track

The eight piece ensemble craft the epitome of genre blending excellence.


Among the most interesting music acts today is Sweden's Diablo Swing Orchestra, a multi-faceted being that craft music exactly as you'd expect given their name. It's infectious, moving, and downright death defying as they guide listeners through sinister twist and turns of prog rock tendencies. Add hints of jazz, swing, and classical and you have yourself one vibrant composition to experience. Their new album, Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole, arrives on November 2nd via Candlelight Records and Spinefarm Records and comes equipped with a joyous cartoon depiction by Sebastian Kowoll of the band amidst a carnival, waiting to be absorbed into a tent of endless possibilities. To celebrate the coming of the new full-length, the band partnered with Etienne Visora for an animated video of their exquisite lead single War Painted Valentine, a track that does right by record's colorful layers. In an industry demanding daring new ideas, Diablo Swing Orchestra excel and Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole is the role model.

Stream War Painted Valentine below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

diablo swing orchestra
Cover Art by Sebastian Kowoll


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