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DIABOLIC OATH share brutal new single 'Opening The Gates To Blasphemic Domination'

Coming straight for the death metal throne.

Cover art by Misanthropic Art

As insane as death metal has been in recent years, there are a select few releases that truly stand above the rest. Add DIABOLIC OATH to that list for what they bring to the table decimates everything in their god forsaken path. The Portland unit is ready to usher in their debut LP Profane Death Exodus on June 26th via the always consistent Sentient Ruin Laboratories, who themselves say is "one of the most unnerving and annihilating displays of sonic tyranny to have been vomited out of the West Coast of the United States in recent times." We believe that to be true. Give lead single Opening The Gates To Blasphemic Domination a spin and we dare you to think otherwise.

Stream Opening The Gates To Blasphemic Domination below and pre-order it HERE.

Logo by Iconartistry


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