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DOROTHY releases anthemic new album 'Gifts From The Holy Ghost'

The Hungarian-born frontwoman commands and delivers a catapulting performance.

Cover Artwork by Linda Strawberry

With a majestic cover design by Linda Strawberry to show for it, Dorothy's latest album, Gifts From The Holy Ghost, arrives today via Roc Nation to widespread acclaim. From the uplifting lyricism of opener A Beautiful Life to the soaring nature of the closing title track, Gifts From The Holy Ghost is everything you'd want from a rock 'n' roll record. Dorothy's moving vocal performances are complemented by an electrifying guitar display that makes for the perfect soundtrack to your latest drive down the Sunset Strip. There's no wonder why lead single Rest In Peace has placed on charts as it's one staggering endeavor meant for the arenas. Every chorus is infectious and every rip roaring passage, especially those on Touched By Fire and Top Of The World, is sure to instill a spark in any curious listener. It's one cathartic piece of work layered with profound emotional depth, as evident by Close To Me Always and the aforementioned opener, A Beautiful Life, of which a new video arrived today. Add Gifts From The Holy Ghost to your playlists and get your weekend started right!

Dorothy comments:

“‘A Beautiful Life’ includes my favorite lyric on the album, ‘Don’t let the demons get you down’ – The story of the song is very personal to me and touches on suicide and near-death experiences. It is, to me, the most spiritual and inspiring track on the album.”

Stream A Beautiful Life below and stream/order your copy of the record HERE.


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