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DOROTHY shares Linda Strawberry-directed video for 'What's Coming To Me'

The Smashing Pumpkins collaborator brings the hard-hitting track to life in striking fashion.

dorothy linda strawberry
Video Still by Linda Strawberry

Gone is the golden era of MTV Jams and Headbangers Ball where alluring music videos were the draw for artists making their breakthrough. With the dominance in streaming, there has been less of an emphasis placed on expanding upon an artist's visual identity with the act being left only to those wholly invested in their craft. It's here that DOROTHY thrives. With elaborate costumes, exquisite cinematography, and spine-chilling hymns, DOROTHY's psych laden hard rock takes center stage and new single What's Coming To Me comes captured by the art of acclaimed director Linda Strawberry. As if Dorothy Martin's vocal range isn't enough, Strawberry's intentional approach to lighting adds new layers of emotional depth to the exorcism performed on camera, an exorcism that is representative of breaking free from the chains of depression and addiction. Be it only a single, but DOROTHY have given the track the respect it deserves in making it one stimulating endeavor to behold.

DOROTHY comments on the track:

“It is a story about casting out a demon and getting redeemed -- a metaphor for depression or addiction. I think it’s something we can all relate to. Everyone’s struggling with something."

Experience What’s Coming To Me below or stream it in your platform of choice HERE.

'What's Coming To Me' Single Artwork


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