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DOWNFALL OF GAIA announce new album 'Silhouettes of Disgust' + share lead single

The Germany outfit return to deliver moving post-black metal to sink into.

Photograph by David Stöcklin

On March 17th, Downfall of Gaia will release their sixth full-length, Silhouettes of Disgust, via Metal Blade Records and today, lead single Bodies as Driftwood sets the stage for the heart-wrenching experience that awaits, bridging solemn passages with crushing aggression to exquisite success. It's a slow burning number best felt in solace as the band expand upon its more melancholic elements, synonymous to the profound lyricism within.

Frontman Dominik Goncalves dos Reis comments on the single:

"‘Bodies As Driftwood’ tells the story of a fictional person in a fictional big city who, under the cover of night, can finally be herself and escape the ever-increasing malaise of everyday life. Hopes and dreams quickly give way to reality and threaten to break down due to outside pressures: Unpaid bills, problems at work, no social network, loneliness, no help, total overwhelm in a constantly accelerating zeitgeist… But at night she feels free - no punishing glances from others, no outside pressure, no stress, no expectations, just herself in the darkness while the world sleeps. Metaphorically speaking, this person uses the darkness of the night as a protective veil. Although this person is surrounded by millions every day, she experiences absolute loneliness on a daily basis."

Stream Bodies as Driftwood below and pre-order the record.

'Silhouettes of Disgust' (2023)


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