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DREAM UNENDING (Tomb Mold/Innumerable Forms) announce debut album 'Tide Turns Eternal'

Vella and DeTore come together to concoct a true force of nature via a newly formed entity.

tomb mold innumerable forms
Photograph Courtesy of 20 Buck Spin (Left to right: Derrick Vella, Justin DeTore)

The minds behind two of the most prominent forces in underground death metal collide to form Dream Unending. This duo of towering proportions features the likes of Derrick Vella (Tomb Mold) and Justin DeTore (Innumerable Forms), both of whom take new direction towards a more progressive oriented take on the death doom arena. Their debut record, Tide Turns Eternal, arrives on November 19th via 20 Buck Spin. Lead single, In Cipher I Weep, is a slow burning affair that bridges mesmerizing guitar textures with roaring aggression, all while jazz-like elegance and a double bass pedal hell rumbles underneath. It's but a taste of what the duo have composed for us all as they aim for an all encompassing creative expression that differs largely from their own respective core projects.

Derrick Vella comments:

“’In Cipher I Weep’ was the first song we wrote. That must have been nearly 2 years ago now. Definitely the darkest song on the album. Intense lyrics. It leads off with that strange fretless bass, those dying flange harmonics, the vampiric harmonizing, the haunting organ (Thanks, Dad) and transforms into this spellbinding piece full of beauty only to be undone with the heaviest moment of the album. Justin's vocals sound like the pillars of heaven crashing into the earth. It's good stuff.”

He adds:

“Dream Unending and Tide Turns Eternal is a testament to the idea that music can be limitless,. This album was created by Justin and I without ever being in the same room, city or country. It defied closed borders and acts as more than just a record. It's an affirmation of life. It's a vision quest. It poses questions pertaining to fear, discovery, the value of one's soul and offers an answer. Dream Unending serves as an excellent outlet for a language that Justin and I speak that we can't express elsewhere. It pays tribute to not just doom, but to all the styles of music we love, and the immersive/cinematic quality of fully realized albums. The songs are heavy, dreary, and dreamy. What more could you ask for?”


Stream In Cipher I Weep below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

dark art matthew jaffe
Cover Art by Matthew Jaffe


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