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DRUADAN FOREST explores mystical realms on "Dismal Spells From the Dragonrealm"

Dungeon synth of epic proportions.

Multi-instrumentalist V-Khaoz is consistently evolving and delivering compositions for connoisseurs of atmospheric darkness, more recently with VARGRAV's symphonic black metal achievement Reign In Supreme Darkness (2019). DRUADAN FOREST is the latest V-Khaoz project to come forth with a new release, the wondrous Dismal Spells From the Dragonrealm. The release is set to arrive on September 27th via Werewolf Records and Hells Headbangers respectively.

DRUADAN FOREST is not the same entity it was when first forming in 1998, having grown substantially in musical prowess through an exploration of the realms between the darkest of black metal and pure ambient music. Dismal Spells From the Dragonrealm dives into dreary soundscapes perfectly complemented by entrancing synth across a grandiose four tracks. The lead single Enthralled by Majestic Winters Eternity is apt in it's ability to encapsulate the haunting traits of this epic composition.

Stream Enthralled by Majestic Winters Eternally below and pre-order yours HERE.


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