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DVNE announce new album 'Etemen Ænka'

A progressive masterclass awaits with Marald visuals to boast.

Cover art by Marald van Haasteren

DVNE look to continue the momentum created by their 2017 debut, Asheran, with today's announcement of Etemen Ænka, a wondrous Marald van Haasteren-illustrated effort. Arriving on March 19th via Metal Blade Records, Etemen Ænka sports a dynamic approach to composition, bridging progressive intricacies with the hard-hitting nature of sludge metal. It strays from conventionality and keeps one on their toes, as proved by today's first audio sample, SI-XIV.

Frontman Victor Vicart comments on the record:

"It's an album that has a narrative musically, and we hope that will encourage the listener to explore the universe we've created around it. It is a very dense and layered album which will reward multiple listens, and while this is becoming a recurring aspect of our music, we feel that we went further with it this time. It's also a very polarizing album, emotionally speaking. The heavy sections are, well, very heavy, while the clean sections are much more intricate and delicate - and in a way wouldn't be out of place in a Studio Ghibli anime soundtrack."

Stream the mesmerizing SI-XIV below and pre-order your copy of the release HERE.



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