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EGREGORE announce debut album 'The Word of His Law' + share lead single

An audiovisual maelstrom that bridges Karmazid's talents with the duo's perplexing craft.

egregore 20 buck spin
Photograph by Max Montesi

One glance at the Karmazid cover before you is all you need to get lost in the Egregore's monstrous debut, The Word of His Law, which arrives on April 15th via the always consistent 20 Buck Spin. This blackened death metal journey is enticing to say the least as it builds upon its supernatural subject material through its atmosphere and wondrous melodies. It's a spellbinding work that flourishes with each passing minute, as lead single Howling Premonition would attest.

Stream Howling Premonition below and pre-order your digital copy HERE.

karmazid dark art
Cover Artwork by Karmazid


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