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EIDOLA share new singles 'Perennial Philosophy' And 'Hidden Worship'

Showcasing the band's depth with a duo of celestial offerings.


Not one but two brilliant tracks arrived today as Eidola's highly anticipated The Architect inches closer to its September 17th release via Blue Swan Records and Rise Records. Where the previously released Counterfeit Shrines explored the band's more high octane dynamics, Perennial Philosophy and Hidden Worship harken back to the serenity present on 2017's To Speak, to Listen through lyricism that stems from various narratives. One could say that the complex beauty of Dan Schaub's mask design on the cover is representative of the mixed bag of emotions that you're to expect from The Architect. Just when Hidden Worship puts you at ease, frontman Andrew Wells belts out a roar of a chorus while Perennial Philosophy moves the soul with falsettos and soothing musicianship.

Frontman Andrew Wells shares:

"Conceptually inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Perennial Philosophy explores an array of theological implications through the lens of anthropology. The song attempts to decipher objective truths in a sea of lies and deceptions. The lyrics imply that universal wisdom is paramount when sifting through parasocial biases and historical context while defining the purpose of human consciousness.”

Wells comments on Hidden Worship:

"Hidden Worship provides a concise introduction to the themes of chaos, introspection, despair, forgiveness, and redemption that compose the narrative woven throughout The Architect. The song sets the stage for a protagonist’s journey through the end of the world to the darkest depths of hell.”

Stream Hidden Worship and Perennial Philosophy below and pre-order the record HERE.

Mask Design by Dan Schaub


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