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Dutch death metallers ENTRAPMENT say farewell in filthy fashion

Alongside a new record and a fantastic live outing.

Cover art by Marald Van Haasteren

What began as a one-man project led by multi-instrumentalist Michel Jonker evolved into a full live line-up, having played shows with OBITUARY, ASPHYX, and MASTER to name a few. This once one-man project, known as ENTRAPMENT, has announced their fourth and final full-length Imminent Violent Death, to be released on May 11th, 2019 via Dawnbreed Records. This is ENTRAPMENT at their best, delivering pure old school filth, no questions asked.

Our friends over at Decibel Magazine are hosting a stream of the first released single Sanctifying Putrescent. You can check that out here.

Imminent Violent Death tracklist:

01. Mortality Unleashed 02. Incantation of the Grotesque 03. Sanctifying Putrescent 04. Malicious Predominance 05. Sacrilegious Congregation 06. Imminent Violent Death 07. Morbid Habitation 08. Process of Dehumanization

What better way to end an era than with a show among greats, including the likes of IMMOLATION, MARDUK, ENTOMBED A.D. and more. ENTRAPMENT's final show will take place at Graveland Open Air on May 11th, 2019.


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