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EPECTASE announce new album 'Nécroses' + share lead single

The band's sophomore full-length is a boundless body of work that intrigues via the arts.

death metal
Photograph by Matthis Van Der Meulen

On November 18th, France's Epectase will usher in Nécroses — a sophomore full-length that takes the explorative tendencies of 2018's Astres to new and dark extremes. With art by Paul Nager on the forefront, Nécroses welcomes listeners into its 4 multi-faceted tracks, each serving as a maelstrom of sound that serves as a byproduct of the band's rich musical influence. Today, Confusion leads the charge and braces audiences for what will arrive this November via Frozen Records.

The band's own Vague comments on the visual component for Necroses:

"I feel that 'Nécroses' (necrosis in French) is a true departure from our debut album 'Astres', which was really expensive and cosmic. 'Nécroses' became the complete opposite of that spectrum. It came from a very claustrophobic and destructive state. Without giving too much away, it expresses more about the inbound, the microscopic, the cellular, translating a sense of disintegration that merely cannot be seen.

This resulted in shaping up a visual identity that is equally based around experimentation, textures, abstraction and even documentation, photography and field recordings. It led to an extensive period of collaboration which gave birth to a very distinct body of work, notably Faquin's mixed media illustrations, Ëmgalaï Grafik's hand-screen printing, Matthis Van Der Meulen's photography, Paul Nager's original artwork or experiments with field recording videos. We dedicated a very beautiful vinyl edition (50 ex only) to honour those collaborations.

Every part from the writing to the release of this record has been ridden with negativity, strife & grief, so seeing the whole body of work we created as a collective, it's really a soothing feeling of catharsis and resilience. I'm really pleased with how everything finally aligns and grateful for everyone who helped us birth and expand our vision."

He comments on how the album's lyricism and themes align with Paul's work:

"Discovering Paul's work, it all suddenly felt like an indescribable connection. It's hard to describe & I wouldn't dare speaking for his own vision here, but his work conjures up a sense of telluric depth & ever-flowing motion, yet it feels so intimate, instinctive & palpable. There's no context and no need for it, each of his works provides a space in which you can roam forever, a time capsule for us and others to occupy. This being the sole purpose of Epectase as a musical entity, it was a very natural connection with Paul's work.

The original artwork, 'Living at the Edge of Hubris', he graciously let us use for this record, it was almost frightening staring at it for the first time. It's the carbon copy of what 'Nécroses' feels, sounds and means to me. With every album, I have very specific colors, shapes or symbols in mind and try my best to stay true to those. So seeing those same artifacts in someone else's creative endeavor and ethics, and connecting on such a deep level with someone whom you never previously met or chatted with, it's a powerful sensation.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting with Paul in Paris. His love and trust in the process and his dedication to his own creative quest, are forces to behold. I cannot invite you enough to dive into his work."

Stream Confusion below and pre-order the record HERE.

Cover Artwork, "Living at the Edge of Hubris" by Paul Nager


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