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ETERNAL CHAMPION announce new album 'Ravening Iron'

The elevated anticipation is warranted for EC's glorious return.

Photograph by Peter Beste

Few bands can capture the very essence of past heavy metal greats like ETERNAL CHAMPION, the likes of which are now ready to unleash their sophomore full-length Ravening Iron. Arriving on November 20th via No Remorse Records and Sword Worship (US), Ravening Iron finds the unit capitalizing on the momentum created by their 2016 debut The Armor of Ire with sheer might. With art by the legendary Ken Kelly (KISS, MANOWAR) and production by Arthur Rizk (SUMERLANDS, CRYPT SERMON), ETERNAL CHAMPION pull no stops and come straight for the throne with an 8-track epic of thunderous scope.

Stream the electrifying title track below and stay tuned for information on pre-orders.

Cover art by Ken Kelly


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