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Exclusive: RATIONS NOISE premiere video from upcoming split

Dive deeper into an untold story.

Punk rock has always been about questioning a higher authority, refusing to be part of the status quo, and quite frankly, a big FUCK YOU to the system. This is no different today. RATIONS NOISE and UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER have teamed up to release a SPLIT LP that will have you questioning particular moments in history while banging your head at the same time. The effort is set to release on January 11 via 86’d Records (US), Different Kitchen (UK), Ersatz Reality (DE), Farsot (SE), Rad Girlfriend (US), and Tor Johnson (US).

RATIONS NOISE is an electronic offshoot formed following the hiatus of punk band RATIONS in 2014 while UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER is a post-hardcore band. Both bands are here to cause disturbance, but more importantly, shine a light on an untold story.

Heaviest of Art has an exclusive premiere of the Screams of the Wounded and Dying lyric video from the RATIONS NOISE side of the split. Selected poems (some written especially for this project) from Paul G. Weaver were “remixed” and used as lyrics for this song. Read the poem and dive in the experience below.

RATIONS NOISE delivers sixteen minutes of savant post-industrial filtered through a lens of 90's underground punk that presents a cohesive, if horrifying, dynamic that ranges sonically and thematically from the terror of human trauma to the bliss of righteous resistance. Their track Dronestruck is made up of remixed sound bits taken from the band's studio practice, live recordings, and terrifying text-to-speech technology that explores the effects of the US drone war from multiple perspectives, specifically those being bombed, those doing the bombing, and those trying to stop it.

The duo consists of Beaker (WAX PHANTOM, SMALL ARMS DEALER) and Wells (RATIONS, 86’D RECORDS). These tracks, along with STEM files, original RATIONS tracks, and source text and photo material from anti-war poet Paul Weaver and Upstate Drone Action activist Jack Gilroy are offered to the commons without copyright so that others may freely build upon, enhance, and reuse.

Learn more and pre-order your copy of the SPLIT from our friends at 86'D Records.

Heaviest of Art has partnered with 86'D Records to have a copy of this haunting SPLIT LP shipped right to your door alongside a RATIONS NOISE t-shirt. Enjoy pictures of the vinyl packaging/shirt below and visit our Twitter to learn how to win. Good luck!


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