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EXPANDER to release new album 'Neuropunk Boostergang'

A punk-infused thrash outing from the Texas depths.

Photograph by Sean Blackall

Returning once again to the luminescent visuals of Luca Carey is EXPANDER for their newly announced sophomore full-length Neuropunk Boostergang. Set to arrive on August 21st via the always eclectic Profound Lore Records, Neuropunk Boostergang finds EXPANDER at their best yet, bringing barbaric riffs to a high octane, rhythmic assault recorded by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE) and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST). Take lead single Hyper-Flesh Aedificium for a spin and come face to face with the force that is EXPANDER.

EXPANDER comment on the lead single:

"'Hyper-Flesh Aedificium' describes a landscape where human evolution becomes intertwined with our cities, buildings and artifacts. The monolithic structures described in the song are physically alive, breathing and self-healing, an extension of the body itself. These unimaginable architectures represent the first step of unification between Earth and outer space and offer a glimpse into an unsettling bio-mechanical future that EXPANDER inhabits."

Stream the pummeling Hyper-Flesh Aedificium below and stay tuned for pre-order info.

Cover art by Luca Carey


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