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Experience NEXION's transcendental lead single 'The Spirit of Black Breath'

Icelandic black metal paired with one of metal's most talented artists.

Cover art by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal

After you get through the breathtakingly vivid album cover that Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal has provided for us all, the composition that awaits you is set to settle you in with signature Icelandic sonics. NEXION continue the country's hot streak with their forthcoming release Seven Oracles, which is set to arrive on June 20th via Avantgarde Music. To ease listeners into the experience, the band have made available lead single The Spirit of Black Breath, paving the way with tremolo-picked riffs and frigid atmospheres.

Stream The Spirit of Black Breath below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE, which includes a detailed 16-page booklet illustrated by Sabogal himself.



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