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Experience the death-grind extremity of FEED THEM DEATH's 'Panopticism: Belong/Be Lost'

A gem among the flooded fold of the heavy underground.

Cover art by Guglielmo Rossi

If you scroll down the I, Voidhanger Bandcamp at any given moment, you'll be met by an eclectic ensemble of acts. From the forthcoming occult funk of -S- to the mind melting avant-garde of ESOCTRILIHUM, there's no shortage of intriguing compositions to lose yourself to. Among that powerful fold is Italy's FEED THEM DEATH, solo project of multi-instrumentalist Void. The Void-led FEED THEM DEATH unleashed his latest outing Panopticism: Belong/Be Lost earlier this year via I, Voidhanger Records, making his stand among the influx of death-laden acts. However, Panopticism is far from your meat and potatoes death-grind record.

Inspired by the works of social theorist Michel Foucault, Panopticism bridges anti-conformism concepts with an elemental maelstrom of death metal, grind, sludge, noise, and more. The spiraling riffs of Zoneless Confinement kick off the record with no remorse, battering listeners with grind from the get go. Scar? soon follows and introduces a palette of noise and sludge into the mix, shifting the pace to a more moderate level before it soon erupts with the crashes of Apologue of Descent. Despite the alternating sound, Panopticism flows with ease at it tells the story of deprived individuality. Guglielmo Rossi's kaleidoscopic cover is apt for the mind-melting qualities living within.

As you span through Scar?, Prescience/Evokism III, and Break The Infi/nite, you'll witness a different Void on the pedestal of each. It's this varying structure that speaks to the talent present within FEED THEM DEATH, a talent that makes our beloved genre so special. To those with an itch for experimental aggression, let the madness of Panopticism educate you on the art of the avant-garde.


Belong/Be Lost is available now via I, Voidhanger Records. Stream it in full below and pickup your copy HERE.


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