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Foreign Hands share hard hitting new single 'Conditioned for a Head-On Collision'

One of hardcore's strongest newcomers team up with Will Putney and Olli Appleyard (Static Dress) for a must-listen.

foreign hands, foreign hands new song, sharptone records, new hardcore music.
Foreign Hands, 2023

Just prior to commencing a rip-roaring tour run alongside Dying Wish, Foreign Hands share their new single Conditioned for a Head-On Collision via SharpTone Records — a shape-shifting beast of an offering sporting production by the celebrated Will Putney. The single comes accompanied by an Anthony Altamura-directed video that follows a man facing his own mortality cut between an intense performance from Foreign Hands and Static Dress' Olli Appleyard, making for a fitting visual of this meeting between crushing aggression and swooning vulnerability.

Foreign Hands comment on the track:

“‘Conditioned…’ is a song that was written very collaboratively—three of us in a room just passing the guitar around for a few hours until we had a finished product. It’s definitely different for us: it has a lot of influence from post-hardcore bands like Thrice and Thursday, and we tried to put more of an emphasis on bringing outside influences that we hadn’t previously incorporated in our music before. We’ve been wanting to collaborate with Olli for a long time, and his vocals perfectly lent themselves to this track.”

Stream Conditioned for a Head-On Collision below or in your platform of choice.

foreign hands, foreign hands new song, sharptone records, new hardcore music.
"Conditioned for a Head-On Collision” (2023) Cover Artwork


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