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Catalan's FOSCOR to release 'Els Sepulcres Blancs'

A sorrowful single accompanies the announcement.

The conceptual trilogy that began with the immaculate Les Irreals Visions now has a proper second chapter. FOSCOR are set to release Els Sepulcres Blancs on September 6 via Season of Mist, further cementing themselves as one of the more prominent atmospheric metal units of recent time.

FOSCOR comment on the release announcement:


"'Els Sepulcres Blancs' sets the second step in our very own conceptual trilogy started in 2017 with 'Les Irreals Visions.' Transforming all life moments in eternal is our goal, and reaching reconciliation between the far beyond and the here, the path. At this stage, visual things must acquire a new meaning, and it is with the act of dreaming how we set a platform to conceive a better world.

"The title translates as 'The White Tombs,' a metaphor for a poetical bed where humans chained to reality may die and born free to imagine a better world. The door to the most individual state of mind, the world of dreams and expectations, and a shelter for the livings where dreaming for the change. We are dealing with that topic from both real and oneiric point of view... as the Modernisme / Art Nouveau movement used to do one century ago.

"The first song premiered, 'Cel Rogent,' describes perfectly both extremes we are dealing with, in a hard to describe whirl of untouchable emotions. The red sky that this song opens invites us to enter to our most intimate parcel at night or in the daily new dawn of hopes. We really wish you enjoy and join once again our tragic darkness."


FOSCOR's trilogy revolves around the fin de siècle cultural movement of Modernisme, a parallel development to Art Nouveau and Jugendstil. Els Sepulcres Blancs picks up where Les Irreals Visions (2017) left off and ups the ante on intensity, delivering melancholic melodies through razor sharp riffs. This is atmospheric metal done right.

Stream the lead single Cel Rogent below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Album Cover by Deborah Sheedy


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