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FOUR STROKE BARON announce new album 'Classic' + share lead single

Kirk Witt and Matt Vallarino outdo themselves with one of this month's best tracks.

four stroke baron
Photograph by Chris M. Stanton

Hats off to labels as eclectic as Prosthetic Records for not following a linear catalog structure and showcasing the breadth of the heavy music ranks. With dozens of new releases arriving on a weekly basis, it's quite easy to become numb to the audible repetitiveness but you can count on Prosthetic to keep it refreshing. Among their fold is FOUR STROKE BARON, a powerhouse of limitless capabilities. Planet Silver Screen (2018) introduced many to the talent of the two, Monoqueen (2020) took it to another level, and with the upcoming Classic arriving on October 1st via Prosthetic Records, you'll have but no choice to embrace the power of Witt and Vallarino. Devin Townsend took on mixing duties for the record and gave each layer the shine needed to catapult Classic into the elite, as evident on lead single Friday Knight, which tells a tale involving a murderous rampage at a kegger while dressed as a knight. Distinct storytelling, electrifying sound, and a brilliant comic-esque cover by Gawank Kusumo make Classic one album to keep a close eye on come this fall.

The band comment on the record:

"This is the best thing we've ever done, and we're calling it right now that every song is a future classic. We told Devin Townsend to go as hard as possible when doing the sound design and adding textures, which upped the insanity factor 100x."

Stream Friday Knight below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Gawank Kusumo four stroke baron
Cover art by Gawank Kusumo


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