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Full album stream: ELLENDE- Lebensnehmer

Heart-wrenching atmospheric black metal.

Ahead of what looks to be another stellar week for heavy releases, Austria's ELLENDE are streaming the entirety of their highly anticipated third album Lebensnehmer, which is set to arrive on March 29th, 2019 via AOP Records. The release finds multi-instrumentalist Lukas Gosch tapping into the talents of various other musicians for the band's strongest effort to date.

Fuse the aggressive traits of black metal with acoustic guitars, strings, brass, and other classical instruments and you get a grandiose release by the name of Lebensnhemer.

Frontman Lukas Gosch comments:

"I am truly grateful how this record turned out. As the title already implies, Lebensnehmer - or 'life taker,' in English - has a very strong connotation coming about two years after its sister album Todbringer, which is 'death bringer' in English. Going through rough times, it fills me with a sense of well-being when another selection of music has been made into a full-length result of anger, melancholy, and beauty. Being surrounded by very gifted musicians and sound engineers, you can expect another milestone from Ellende."

Stream Lebensnehmer in full below and order your copy here via AOP Records. A short string of shows will follow the release as the band set out to display it's magnificence on the live stage.

Cover art by Lukas Gosch

Lebensnehmer Tour with Firtan, Spiral Skies, and Groza:

3.27.2019 Erfurt - From Hell [EVENT INFO]

3.28.2019 Nürnberg - Der Cult [EVENT INFO]

3.29.2019 Mörlenbach (near Mannheim) - Live Music Hall Weiher [EVENT INFO]

3.30.2019 Oberhausen - Helvete [EVENT INFO]

3.31.2019 Arnhem - Willemeen [EVENT INFO]


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