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Gatecreeper share 'Masterpiece of Chaos' from upcoming album

A rip-roaring selection to build anticipation for the album (and tour) on the way.

gatecreeper, new gatecreeper, death metal.
Photograph by Joey Maddon

Gatecreeper's Dark Superstition is set to arrive this May 17th via Nuclear Blast Records and until then, the band has provided a few audio samples to hold you over, including today's arrival, Masterpiece of Chaos. Fitting with the Lena Richter cover illustration, the new track is a gattling gun of electrifying proportions, shifting speed and maintaining big sound throughout.

Vocalist Chase Mason comments on the track:

“'Masterpiece of Chaos' is a nightmarish vision of a broken mirror with an ominous creature that lives within the fragmented web of glass. It sonically contrasts and compliments the more melodic approach we took to some of the other songs."

Stream Masterpiece of Chaos below and pre-order the album via Nuclear Blast.

gatecreeper, new gatecreeper, death metal, dark art.
Cover Artwork by Lena Richter


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