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GOLDEN LIGHT announce new album 'Sacred Colour of the Source of Light'

Accompanied by renowned artwork for a complete audiovisual experience.


William Blake's iconic The Great Red Dragons (1805-1810) watercolor paintings meet transcendental black metal on GOLDEN LIGHT's newly announced record Sacred Colour of the Source of Light. The release, which arrives on April 24th via Iron Bonehead Productions, finds this mysterious duo tapping deep into their spirit for one radiant composition that embodies a well-balanced, well-layered form of life. The band have offered Sceptre of Solar Idolatry as the lead single, giving a glimpse of the grandiose atmospheres present throughout this 33-minute body of work.

GOLDEN LIGHT comment on this new endeavor:

"A procession of the damned. By the damned, I mean the excluded... Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that we have exhumed, will march. You'll read them—or they'll march. Some of them livid and some of them fiery and some of them rotten. Some of them are corpses, skeletons, mummies, twitching, tottering, animated by companions that have been damned alive. There are pale stenches and gaunt superstitions and mere shadows and lively malices: whims and amiabilities. The naïve and the pedantic and the bizarre and the grotesque and the sincere and the insincere, the profound and the puerile. The ultra-respectable, but the condemned, anyway...they will march. We have gone into the outer darkness of scientific and philosophical transactions and proceedings, ultra-respectable, but covered with the dust of disregard. We have descended into abyss and have come back with the quasi-souls of lost data... We will march."

Stream Sceptre of Solar Idolatry below and stay tuned for pre-order info.

'The Great Red Dragons' (1805-1810) by William Blake


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