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GRÀB announce debut album 'Zeitlang' + share lead single

Alongside a Benjamin König cover that lets death guide your path.

Photograph by Iris Moraitis

Conceptual storytelling takes Bavarian black metal form on GRÀB's newly announce debut, Zeitlang. Arriving on October 1st via Trollmusic, Zeitlang follows the tale of an old man withdrawn from society, reflecting on his life from an isolated cottage in Germany's southernmost mountains. Spearheaded by former Dark Fortress frontman Grant (Matthias Jell), GRÀB harness from all ends of the black metal spectrum and pull sonic bits from key Norwegian and German acts such as Gehenna and Nagelfar. With a harrowing cover by Benjamin König and guest appearances by Peter Kubik (Abigor), Schwadorf (Empyrium), Morean (Dark Fortress), and Paymon (former Dark Fortress), Zeitlang thrives and delivers an ethereal blend of folk laden darkness.

GRÀB mastermind Grant comments on the lead single Nachtkrapp:

"The title of our first single 'Nachtkrapp' loosely translates as 'Night Raven', which is the name of a dark creature of ancient Bavarian folklore. According to its cautionary legend, this malicious spirit abducts children by nightfall. This is the reason for parents to tell their children playing outside to come home as soon as it gets dark – to be safe from the Nachtkrapp that lurks in the rising night to take them forever to the dark side."

Stream Nachtkrapp below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Benjamin König
Cover art by Benjamin König


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