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Hate Invade The 1720: Photos From Los Angeles

The Polish unit rip through those in attendance with blood-curling aggression.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Photos & Text by Maurice Nuñez (@devilman.138),

Taken at the 1720 on October 5, 2022:

Earlier this month, the black liturgy took place at the 1720 in Los Angeles alongside Hate and Batushka as they continue to trek across their North America Pilgrimage Tour, rounding out a memorable evening for hundreds in attendance.

Shrouded amidst darkness and somber red lights, Hate got things started with a signature display of death metal that harkens back to its signature 90's style. The band has come a long way and they brought their brutal assault tenfold. The fans instantly began head banging and singing along as Hate blasted through tracks from last year's Rugia, as well as other fan favorites from their back catalog.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Black metal flourishes shined and garnered great reception. The band command with an electrifying stage persona that sparks excitement among anyone keen to watch, which adds to an already killer job at combining death and black metal with unflinching viciousness and sense of atmosphere that's unique to themselves. Hate's energy is infectious and with fists raised and horns high, Los Angeles gave the band the warm welcome they deserved.

Check out additional shots of Hate's performance below.

Next up was the headlining Batushka, who's stage was setup like a black mass with burning incense, candles, and skulls. The band came out in black hooded robes

and lit multiple candles before they blasted through some heavy black metal riffs, those signature to their fast rising trajectory.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Batushka's haunting sounds had the audience in a trance, mesmerized by the demonic hymns played as though the stage had risen from the depths of hell. It was a ritualistic experience of sorts with Batushka acting as a summoning conduit for the LA crowd. Like Hate, the band lived among the darkness and let only candles and minimal lighting illuminate their grandeur.

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10/18 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial Bell

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10/20 Manchester, NH @ Jewel Nightclub

10/21 Brooklyn, NY @ The Monarch


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