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HELFRÓ release new single 'Afeitrun' from forthcoming debut

A new entity arises from the black metal goldmine.

Photograph by Eva Alexandra

Leave it to the land of fire and ice to give rise to black metal's most prominent newcomers. Joining the ranks of Misþyrming, KALEIKR, SINMARA, Svartidauði and more is HELFRÓ, Iceland's newest ensemble of melodic ferociousness. The band's much anticipated self-titled debut is set to arrive on April 24th via Season of Mist's Underground Activists sublabel.

Complete with an intricate cover by Views From the Coffin, HELFRÓ's first outing is nothing short of pristine. With the predetermined high standards of Icelandic black metal set before them, the band smash through said expectations and cement their homeland at the forefront for heavy excellence. Lead single Afeitrun is a testament to the group's profound musicianship, evident throughout the radiant tremolo-picked melodies and Ragnar's hellish screams. Helfró comment of the release:

"We're thrilled to present 'Afeitrun,' an odyssey into the boundless and bare wastelands of cold and despair."

Stream Afeitrun below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by View from the Coffin


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