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HELLISH FORM announce new album 'Remains' + share devastating lead single

Members of Body Void and Keeper collide for a towering death doom display.

hellish form
Photograph by Hellish Form

If you follow the underground closely, you'll notice that Cauê Piloto's artwork finds itself on some of the most emotional and heart-wrenching records across the metal realm. Whether it be Un, Jupiterian, or Wills Dissolve, the Brazilian artist's gloomy color palettes make for the ideal representation of the themes present within. HELLISH FORM's newly announced album Remains is no different.

Arriving on June 25th via Translation Loss Records, Remains finds the Willow Ryan and Jacob Lee duo coming together for a towering funeral doom effort despite living 3,000 miles apart from one another. With drone and melancholic melodies layered in between, Remains captures an ever so relatable feeling of pain and anguish that is bound to burst at moment's notice. Lead single Shadows With Teeth arrived alongside the unveiling of Remains as a quarter of the experience that HELLISH FORM have set forth.

Stream Shadows With Teeth below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

hellish form Cauê Piloto
Cover art by Cauê Piloto


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