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HEX WOUND share new single 'Horror Form'

A pristine slab of blackened death metal delivered with utmost aggression.

Photograph by Daniel C.

The psychotropic depiction of death that Sanskarans has illustrated before HEX WOUND's Averse To The Universe EP is an apt representation of the dizzying riffs that come embodied within the release. Set to arrive on June 2nd, Averse To The Universe is the product of founding members Cast (vocals) and Bind (all Instruments), both of which have a firm grip on the art of deadliest sonics of metal. With just days to go for the band's debut EP, HEX WOUND have shared the second and malevolent new single Horror Form for audience engagement. Exploring themes of sacrifice and suffering, Horror Form is pulls from the blackened likes of DARK FUNERAL for a brutal offering that merges the two extremes with complete precision.

Stream Horror Form below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

Cover art by Sanskarans


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