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HIGH COMMAND announce new album 'Eclipse of the Dual Moons’ + share lead single

A high octane thrill that harkens back to the Bay Area's golden era of thrash.

thrash metal
Photograph by Bill Shaner

On November 25th, Worcester's High Command will release the follow-up to 2019's celebrated Beyond The Wall of Desolation in the form of Eclipse Of The Dual Moons, courtesy of Southern Lord. Like its predecessor, Eclipse Of The Dual Moons comes adorned by the art of Suture & Soil, who once again delivers a strong visual companion to an otherwise ripping recording. Lead single Siege Warfare paves the path with bombast, letting its riffs speak for the electrifying album it comes from.

High Command comment:

“Our love for the bay area in the 80’s is certainly no secret. Besides some of the more obvious influences we have, we were much more comfortable exploring some of the less obvious stuff we hinted at with the first record. Particularly traditional heavy metal (Dio, Mercyful Fate) the south’s interpretation of the bay area (Exhorder, Obituary, Nasty Savage, Devastation, Rigor Mortis) first wave black metal (Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost). Of course all of this executed with the discharge, Cro-mags, Sacrilege DNA that runs through our veins."

Stream Siege Warfare below and stay tuned for pre-orders HERE.

Cover Artwork by Suture & Soil


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