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Multifaceted heaviness: HUELGA - Huelga Review

Michael Fonseca delivers a polyrhythmic assault on the senses.

As common as the one-man band has become in contemporary times, it remains essential to appreciate the expansive musical capabilities that one particular individual can set forth. It's hard enough to become proficient in one instrument, yet these musicians practice multiple and compose quality outings in the process. With that said, let's focus the spotlight on Michael Fonseca, lover of trucks and kicker of ass. Fonseca has become one within himself under the one-man instrumental arsenal known as HUELGA. With a self-titled EP now at the disposal of listeners worldwide, HUELGA aims to turn some heads onto his vastly arrayed polyrhythmic delivery.

HUELGA wastes no time and gets shit started from the jump, immediately bombarding listeners with a frenzied assault. The different elements at play are immediately present and hold their weight throughout, demonstrating Fonseca's masterful musicianship. Drop-tuned guitars and intricate drumming command across each track, really pummeling anyone who takes a stab at this charged EP. There are twists and turns at every corner, switching pace and introducing new riffs at every instant. It's clear that is a result of Fonseca's rich jazz background, which adds depth to this heavy assault.

The EP sounds crisp and refined, comprised of a quality mix and mastering by Mick Kenny of ANAAL NATHRAHK, who adds a nice dynamic touch on an already polished release. Each instrument is fully audible and dynamic, seamlessly flowing and building off one another in unison across the four tracks. Had I not mentioned that HUELGA is a one-man band, you would've probably assumed there was a brain for each instrument throughout the EP.

Huelga is short, sweet, and to the point, wasting no time and delivering an instrumental display that many can only hope to achieve after years of practice. Fonseca's sociopolitical drive adds additional firepower to a release that already benefits from his musical prowess. What better way of taking a stand than with a polyrhythmic assault that will tear down any boundary placed before it? Let's hope this isn't the last we see of Michael Fonseca.

Overall score: 8.5/10

FFO: Periphery, Animals As Leaders, TesseracT, Anaal Nathrahk

Huelga is out now and you can order your copy via Bandcamp here.

Cover art by Boris Groh


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