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HUNDRED REASONS announce new album 'Glorious Sunset' + share lead single

The band return to their craft to deliver their first full-length in 15 years.

Photograph by Matt Higgs

On February 24th, 2023, Hundred Reasons make their highly welcomed return in the form of Glorious Sunset via SO Recordings. Like the radiant cover illustration it sports, Glorious Sunset comes guns blazing with soaring instrumentation and newfound energy that categorizes the creative state of mind in which Hundred Reasons exist at today. The band's return came about organically and as fruitful as one could hope for, yielding what promises to be an exquisite collection of tracks ready to deliver a thrill. One could arguably say the title track is among the best things you'll listen to this week, and we'd be in complete agreement.

Frontman Colin Doran comments on the single:

“When we started writing again it was really important that we did not go back to any material that had been cut previously. It all had to be completely new. We started writing just before Covid and got together sporadically as and when we could to write and demo which was not our usual way. We would normally be in a room together for the most part but this time it was not always possible. Larry and I would write, The Andy and Larry would write and then I would join the session later in the day (I have a day job) but we were all super happy with what was coming out. This was a deal breaker for all as if we were putting out new material it had to be amazing.

'Glorious Sunset' came about from an instrumental idea from The Andy which was nearly complete minus any vocal ideas. The lyrics for the song completely changed from the demo version to the recorded version as within that space of time my mother passed away after a 4-year battle with cancer. She had gone into remission twice previously and it come back again but this time it would be terminal. The title of the song took on a new meaning as the song talks about being relieved that someone you love is no longer suffering. The sunset refers to the light that many people say they see when they die."

Stream the title track below and pre-order the record HERE.

'Glorious Sunset' (2023) Cover Artwork


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