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HUNTSMEN announce new record 'Mandala of Fear'

Painting an American folktale through a cohesion of sound.


Few are the bands that consist of members who have the ability to paint their own album covers, giving one full artistic control. Like CRYPT SERMON, TRIBULATION, and SADISTIK EXEKUTION, HUNTSMEN have an artist among their ranks, that being drummer Ray Knipe. The band benefit from the visual endeavors that Knipe sets forth on the beautiful cover for their newly announced record Mandala of Fear, out March 13th via Prosthetic Records.

Having grown in size, the now five-piece unit looks to reach new progressive lengths with this sophomore double-LP. HUNTSMEN have completed an audiovisual package of wonder, writing a tale that explores trauma and human survival through a sci-fi-esque apocalypse that is well accompanied by a 32-page graphic novel included within the 2LP set. Said storytelling is achieved via an avant-garde take that merges folk and country with our beloved metal. With its explosive double bass pedal work, alternating tempos, and shifting vocal performance, lead single Ride Out is an indication of the dynamic qualities that await listeners of Mandala of Fear.

Frontman Chris Kang comments of the single:

"'Ride Out' simmers with the adrenaline and gut-churning dread of the dawn of battle. As one of humanity’s final wars ravages the land, sea, and air, a young soldier feels the coming storm in her bones and wonders if, when faced with taking a life, her rifle will be an extension of her will, or a lead weight in her hand."

Stream Ride Out alongside the beautiful Seth Whitehurst-produced video below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Ray Knipe


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