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Impenetrable Sorrow: GODTHRYMM - Reflections Review

The trio harness the greatness of yesteryear for a modern achievement in one of metal's gloomiest subgenres.

Photograph by Frank Ralph

Words by Mo Metal Trax:


When you hear of a UK epic doom metal band comprised of former members from MY DYING BRIDE, SOLSTICE, and ANATHEMA to name a few, it forces one to quickly pay attention. It also creates some nervous energy around what said band is trying to accomplish. Let us begin that journey with GODTHRYMM, who started it all with the release of A Grand Reclamation (EP).

GODTHRYMM, which features vocalist/guitarist Hamish Glencross (MY DYING BRIDE. VALLENFYRE), Shaun Taylor-Steels (MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA) and veteran bassist Bob Crolla, is a well-rounded dynamic trio. The unit finds themselves nearing the release of their colossal debut full-length Reflections on Profound Lore Records. This new album is both crushing and melancholic, harkening one back to the early classic UK doom period of Peaceville Records; think Icon and Turn Loose the Swans-era of the label. The killer artwork and design featured on Reflections by Brian D’Agosta only helps to grab one’s attention from the onset. The music is what keeps it there!

Our voyage begins with the slow and reverberating Monsters Lurk Herein, which showcases the bleak and melancholic brand of doom the band wants you to feel before the weight of its riffs and sound overtake the listener. Glencross shines on lead track Among the Exalted with his gritty yet infectious riffs and vocal styling, just an all-around exceptional track! The other early released track was The Sea As My Grave with its slow descent through the deep and serine ocean, eventually settling beneath the substratum of simply remarkable doom. We Are The Dead may be the best contribution served up on Reflections with its incredible guitar work and tempo changes throughout its call for the dead! One of, if not, the best tracks of early 2020 We Are The Dead closes out the first half of the album with an exclamation point of epic proportions as each generous offering becomes better than the next!

The second half of Reflections continues down the path of muted and melancholic tracks that are also rough and heavy as hell. This is truly showcased on The Light of You, which is another masterful and epic doom track at its core containing an explosive ending. In fact, all the tracks aside from Among the Exalted log in between the six to nine-minute mark with not a single moment wasted on the nearly 55-minute triumph. The addition of and somewhat re-recorded The Grand Reclamation only added to the already stunning Reflections! Cursed Are The Many is dark and mournful in all of its agonizing nine plus minutes. Chasmic Sorrows, the final and instrumental track, is the perfect ending to a near perfect album as the listener has navigated through this hopeless and brooding tale.

We tend to want to point out all the potential comparisons and influences, and rightfully so, but this album like many others simply requires your undivided attention. This isn’t a nostalgic trip down memory lane, although it certainly is shaped from a cornucopia of some of the genre’s foundational bands and their predecessors. The album is quite intoxicating, especially with multiple listens, as Reflections becomes one emotional trip brimming full of sorrow, suffering and despair amongst dense riffs so expertly delivered. Highly Recommended and quite exceptional!


Reflections is out on February 14th via Profound Lore and you can get yours HERE.

Cover art by Brian D'Agosta of Gostworks Art


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