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INDII G. shares smooth new single 'Hampton'

The latest addition to the Epitaph roster comes full of promise.

Louisiana's Indii G. delivers a multifaceted take on hip-hop, injecting lo-fi, chillwave, indie-pop, and orchestral elements into the formula for one mesmerizing listen. The rapper's new single, Hampton, arrived just before the weekend and set the stage for what is an exciting future to come under the Epitaph Records banner. The glistening track arrived alongside a video directed by Dylan Stein.

Indii G. comments on the track:

“It’s never too late to fix any mistakes you’ve made in the past. Keep trying and don’t give up, it gets better. It’s about rekindling a lost flame; looking back on my mistakes with this person, realizing how we’ve grown from it and how we’ve come back stronger.”

He adds:

“This is probably my favorite video I’ve done so far! I think every visual element from the background dancer to the lottery ticket explosion perfectly captures the feel of the song. Dylan did an excellent job executing the concept, and even tho it started to get pretty cold on that rooftop, I definitely had a blast on set filming it!”

Stream Hampton below or in your platform of choice HERE.


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