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INFINITY SHRED achieve transcendental soundscapes on "Forever, A Fast Life"

The breathtaking effort arrives this week.

Photograph by Leia Jospé

When electronic programming meets classical musicianship, you can expect a sonic output that exceeds grandiose measures. New York's Damon Hadjowirogo-led INFINITY SHRED brings together elements from opposite ends of the musical spectrum for a cohesive and transcendental listening experience on their new record Forever, A Fast Life. The effort is set to arrive on August 23rd via PERIPHERY's 3DOT Recordings.

With drummer Clara Warnaar and guitarist Nathan Ritholz joining Hadjowirogo just prior to the making of Forever, A Fast Life, this release encompasses the best that INFINITY SHRED have to offer. From serene melodies to tantalizing synth, the progressive unit deliver on all ends and provide a testament to the greatness of contemporary musical evolution. If the electronics and cataclysmic isn't enough, the band have brought along a small orchestra to further add to their breathtaking soundscapes.

Stream the two lead singles Earth and Long May You Run below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE in advance of this week's grand arrival.

Cover art by Dean Marcial and Esther Kim


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