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IRIST share towering new single 'Surging Ablaze'

Another grandiose offering from their transitional EP.

Photograph by Susy Reyes

2020's Order of the Mind saw Atlanta's Irist making a staggering splash on the metal community, and rightfully so. As the band prepare for the sophomore follow-up, their forthcoming EP Gloria is setting the stage with Alex Eckman-Lawn that harkens back to themes introduced by Order of the Mind. Today's single, Surging Blaze, is as crisp and explosive as you'd come to expect from the four piece.

Frontman Rodrigo Carvalho comments:

"'Surging Ablaze' is a song about the contemplative journey, and meditative states, one experiences when getting to the other side of a difficult situation. On top of a beautiful lead for the chorus, Pablo wrote an insanely heavy riff towards the end of the song that definitely sticks to you. This is a rhythmically more measured song for us, and the fact that we were able to add some lyrics in Portuguese makes it even more unique."

Stream Surging Ablaze below or in your platform of choice HERE.

Cover Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn


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