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Jarhead Fertilizer share a ripping pair of singles 'Mark of the Beast' & 'Street Successor'

Madness from the start reflective of the incarceration experience for the frontman's late father.

jarhead fertilizer, death metal, closed casket activities.
Jarhead Fertilizer, 2023

On December 8th, Closed Casket Activities will release one of their most insane releases of the year — Jarhead Fertilizer's Carceral Warfare. Featuring Dave Bland (drums, vocals), Sam DiGristine (guitar, vocals), Brandon Brown (guitar, vocals), and Vinny Vitilio (bass), the latest from the Maryland band is uncompromising defined that narrates an eternal struggle set in the walls of a celestial prison through death metal.

Bland comments:

"Growing up, I watched a lot of crazy shit. My dad was an ex-convict, and that's where the prison idea came from. I was surrounded by that lifestyle. Many of the lyrics compare earth to a prison, and they explore all the atrocities of man. My relationship with my father definitely influenced the band, and this album is almost like me getting to tell his story since he passed away two years ago."

He adds on the artwork:

"It's graffiti-style with oil painting, so it's grimy and angelic. The prisoners are winning this riot, but there are these beautiful angels unaffected by the chaos in the fray. One lady is blowing a horn, signifying one of the seven horns before the end times. It's a final warning. There are eight horns at the end of the album. You can wonder, 'Is it over, or is there life still left?'"

Jarhead Fertilizer Tour Dates

With Phobophilic + Backslider:

11/28 — Philadelphia, PA — Kung Fu Necktie

11/29 — Brooklyn, NY — Saint Vitus

11/30 — Cambridge, MA — Middle East / Upstairs

12/1 — Portland, ME — The Space

12/2 — Montreal, QC — Cabaret Room at Foufounes Electriques

12/3 —Toronto, ON — Garrison

12/5 — Cleveland, OH — No Class

12/6 — Indianapolis, IN — Black Circle

12/7 — Milwaukee, WI — X-Ray Arcade

12/8 — Chicago, IL — Reggies Rock Club

With Phobophilic + Crownovhornz:

12/9 — Kansas City, MO — MiniBar

12/10 — Denver, CO — Hi-Dive

12/11 — Albuquerque, NM — Sister Bar

12/12 — San Diego, CA — Brick By Brick

12/13 — Oakland, CA — Stork Club

12/14 — Los Angeles, CA — Knucklehead Bar

12/15 — Mesa, AZ — The Nile Underground

12/17 — Austin, TX — 13th Floor

12/18 — Denton, TX — Rubber Gloves

12/19 — Houston, TX — White Oak / Upstairs

12/20 — New Orleans, LA — Santos Bar

12/21 — Atlanta, GA — Boggs Social & Supply

12/22 — Nashville, TN — DRKMTTR

Stream Mark of the Beast and Street Successor below and pre-order the record via Closed Casket.

jarhead fertilizer, death metal, closed casket activities.
Cover Artwork by Aed Barnes

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