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JEGONG announce debut album 'I'

Members of MONO and SUM OF R. partner for boundless, kraut-drenched post-rock.

Photograph by Sandro Klopfstein

Unique is a word defined by the very essence of the newly formed JEGONG, a duo consisting of the vastly talented Dahm Majuri Cipolla of MONO and Reto Mäder of SUM OF R. Though distinct in their craft, they manage to coalesce their vast musical palettes on their debut outing I. Set to arrive on October 16th via the eclectic Pelagic Records, I blends ambient soundscapes with the experimental nature of kraut and post-rock, making for one enthralling listen of treacherous exploration. Lead single Stable Off does right in representing the intrigue of I by drowning listeners in gothic atmosphere that transport one to a somber arena.

Stream Stable Off below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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