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JEGONG share new single 'Ghost City'

A masterclass in atmospheric sonics as apt for the times.

Photograph by Sandro Klopfstein

Among the 14-track journey of JEGONG's debut record, I, is Ghost City, a hauntingly beautiful hymn that slivers through the psyche. It arrives today as a taste of the listening experience that awaits come October 16th via Pelagic Records, which seamlessly blends the musical capabilities Dahm Majuri Cipolla (MONO) and Reto Mäder of (Sum Of R) for an ambient-driven, post-rock laden effort.

The band comment on the single:

"In the song "Ghost City" we wanted different elements to collide with each other. It was not about the destructive collision as such, but about the calm and awakening afterwards. A collision as a means to an end. This song was also the beginning of a video trilogy with the middle section "Stable Off" and the conclusion "Sowing Dragons Teeth". The video "Gost City" tells the story of an abandoned city and its ghosts in the form of floating particles that will transform into a new species in the near future."

Get lost in Ghost City below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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