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JOE WONG shares lush new single 'In The Morning' featuring Steven Drozd (THE FLAMING LIPS)

The multi-instrumentalist inches closer to his dreamlike full-length debut.

Photograph by Sam Macon

Debut records are sometimes met by a level of nervousness and predetermined expectation that at times can make or break a release. The musical prowess of LA-based JOE WONG appears unaffected by any of the mentioned elements as he approaches his debut Nite Creatures with sheer confidence, as evident in the dynamic structure and free-flowing nature of the 10-track outing . Today, he shares a melodic new single In The Morning featuring Steven Drozd (THE FLAMING LIPS) ahead of the album's September 18 release via Decca Records.

JOE WONG comments on the single:

“This song features special guest Steven Drozd, joining me on guitar and stereo drums (he in one speaker, me in the other). Steven’s work with The Flaming Lips is a huge influence; I still remember buying ‘The Soft Bulletin’ on CD at Newbury Comics in Boston and listening in awe until the AA batteries in my Discman died. What a genius! We recorded Steven’s parts in Milwaukee Howl Street Recordings with the amazing Shane Hochstetler.”

Stream In The Morning below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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