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JONATHAN HULTÉN (ex-Tribulation) announces 'The Forest Sessions'

An aural and visual concept collection of reimagined songs from his 2020 debut.

On December 16th, Swedish Grammy-winning songwriter and ex-Tribulation guitarist Jonathan Hultén returns with The Forest Sessions — a moving release that captures the wonder of 2020's Chants From Another Place and The Dark Night of the Soul EP through the arts. It collects experimental versions of songs alongside a short film composed of music videos, interludes with animated illustrations, and poems, all on CD+DVD & LP available through Kscope. If there's ever a definitive version of Hultén's folk laden songcraft, The Forest Sessions is it.

Jonathan Hultén comments:

"It all began with an idea of live streaming a concert from the woods! I got a team together, a plan was worked out and eventually the project morphed into the making of 8 unique music videos based on the setlist of a live performance.

All the filming locations were scouted in reference to the song titles and our plan was to film all the material in 24 hours around an area about 40 minutes from Stockholm, Sweden.”

Check out the trailer for The Forest Sessions below and stay tuned for more.

Artwork by Jonathan Hultén


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