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KARDASHEV share moving new single 'Glass Phantoms'

Updated: May 19, 2022

The Arizona deathgazers inch closer to a standout release with an exquisite second taste.

Photograph by Julian Morgan

Kardashev's Liminal Rite is set to be released on June 10th via Metal Blade Records and today, the band share Glass Phantoms, a narrative driven soundscape of resounding aggression and varied musical layers. Kardashev craft a special fusion of musical elements that pull you in and immerse you entirely, as Glass Phantoms would illustrate. More on Kardashev will be coming to Heaviest of Art soon.

Guitarist Nico Mirolla comments on the record's themes:

“'Liminal Rite' explores how the past can both wound and seduce, leading us down a path of self-destruction. It’s an anecdotal tale from a fictional man’s perspective late in life on how perception and reality do not always coalesce. His experience tells a larger message of how our minds often create a false view of the past. Sean’s narration is him expressing the man’s perception and recollection of life. The failure of his memory, the nature of dementia, and how it plays into his experience are all encapsulated by the narrative sections.”

Mirolla on the new single:

“The Lost Man’s addiction to control fails him. He ascends the stairs, exits the house, and finds himself standing in the spot where his father knelt so many years ago. Guilt masked by anger grabs him by the chest and he curses the earth beneath him. The death of his brother rises to the surface of his mind like a cloud of locusts swarms a field, ripping and tearing until hunger is satiated. He clutches a stone and sees the ghostly effigy of his father’s hand doing the same. Images of the tragedy that took his brother away flood The Lost Man, and he remembers the fury of his father as the truth was laid bare. But what was it that grave mistake that manifested by his own actions? The memory is too far in the ground, buried under broken glass and isolation. But this time will be different. This time he will not be cast aside. He is home, and he would rather die than suffer the loss of his past for a second time.”

Experience Glass Phantoms below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Faith Veloro


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