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KARG (Harakiri For The Sky) embodies true pain with new single 'Tod, Wo Bleibt Dein Frieden?'

Paving the path for the new album's arrival with serene melodies.


Side projects serve as a proper conduit for creative expression not otherwise found in one's primary endeavors. Some may cease to exist after releasing a record, others may last and stand the test of time. In the case of KARG (which spawned from the mind of J.J. from HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY), their presence is much more than that of a side project. Now going on 14 years and 7-full lengths to date, Austria's KARG has built an identity of its own, remaining consistent despite several lineup changes. The band's latest offering Traktat is out on February 7th, 2020 via AOP Records and it's one that warrants full engagement for excellence in melody.

J.J. is no stranger to downhearted themes and emotive tremolo picking, of which there is plenty of on Traktat and more specifically on third single Tod, Wo Bleibt Dein Frieden? (Death, Where’s Your Peace? in English). The ferocity of the record's black metal elements are counteracted by the melancholic tempo shifts, reminiscent to that of a DEAFHEAVEN or ALCEST. Though lyrically dreadful, KARG establish musical beauty and solidify a balance between life's best and worst. Tod, Wo Bleibt Dein Frieden? is but a taste of the heart-wrenching riffs that await those keen to engage.

J.J. comments of the new single:

“This song may be my own private autumn. It feels beautiful, yet everything is dying…”

Stream Tod, Wo Bleibt Dein Frieden? and previous single Alaska below. Get yours HERE.

Cover art by Steve Kirn


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